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Health system leaders interested in reviewing relevant materials can request the Medically Home Learning Modules & Tools for Health Systems Responding to new CMS Waiver. These materials include video e-modules and various tools (e.g., social and clinical stability criteria, supply chain tools). Please submit the form to request the materials and be contacted by Medically Home. Limit of five logins per health system.


Company News

Responding to action by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, (CMS), to accelerate hospital-at-home programs, Medically Home Group is prepared to enable health systems nationwide to establish and rapidly expand high-acuity home hospitalization programs. The CMS action offers a relief valve to hospitals overflowing with patients as COVID-19 infections surge across the United States.


Medically Home's model - serving patients' needs on behalf of our health system customers

A virtual hospital for high-acuity patients in a home setting
  • A 24/7 physician-led/nurse-powered Medical Command Center that provides centralized, on-demand acute medical care management
  • A unique network of rapid-response clinical/non-clinical services, medications, equipment, and supplies to be brought to patients’ homes
  • Uniquely designed technology in the home to support the monitoring of, and communication with patients with high acuity illness
  • An episode of medical care to ensure clinically-stable patient endpoints at discharge, with no transitions/hand-offs during the episode of care
Medically Home Group is a technology-enabled clinical enterprise

Medically Home Group is a technology-enabled clinical enterprise, providing the necessary software, tools and capabilities to safely-shift advanced medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes

Clinical services provided at home for:
  • High and medium acuity patients with common medical diagnoses (CHF, COPD, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Selected elective post-surgical cases, currently requiring hospitalization (e.g. orthopedics, urology, and ENT)
  • Oncology Patients

Meet Medically Home

A Game Changer in Health Care

Clinical services in the home are delivered through MHG Physician Services physician groups, and MHG Clinical Services, LLC. Medically Home Group, Inc. does not provide medical care or clinical services to patients.

How a patient's home is transformed into
a virtual hospital unit

  • Set up a temporary virtual hospital room in the patient’s home
  • Configure a physician-led/nurse-powered Medical Command Center - enabled and made safer through the use of advanced software, tools and capabilities
  • Compose a clinical/operational/economic model that is designed to improve patient outcomes, while creating meaningful economic value
  • Configure a unique network of clinical/non-clinical services, medications, equipment and supplies to patients’ homes, enabled by software
  • Deliver care over a period of time to better stabilize patients and allow them to maintain a stable baseline after the episode of care
  • Enable selected surgical procedures to be performed outside the hospital, by linking the ambulatory surgery center to the temporary hospital unit in the home
  • Provide tools and systems that actively-engage the patient’s family, to amplify patient engagement and outcomes

COVID-19 shifts the delivery of healthcare

Building the first-mover, scalable platform for virtual hospital beds


Impact of Pandemic

Lack of Flexibility in Current System

Patients' Preference for Being Hospitalized at Home


The need to create a lower-cost capacity to safely treat acute illness in a changing risk ecosystem​​


Purpose Built - To enable scalable, safe, advanced medical care at home

Proprietary Technology Platform - Enables high-acuity care at home

Supply Chain - Acute rapid-response resources to the home delivered to overcome patient decompensation

Economics - Reliably generate sufficient savings to enable sustainability

Patient Profiles

Clinical Profiles
  • Have a medical condition requiring hospitalization and meet clinical and social stability criteria for advanced medical care at home
  • Have co-morbid chronic diseases and are frequently hospitalized
  • Have a scheduled elective surgery that is commonly performed in the hospital
Psychosocial Profile
  • Are weary, fearful and frustrated by hospital care and the care that immediately follows
  • Patients that prefer to be home and not frequently handed-off to multiple providers and sites of care
  • Desire/require (but cannot get) 24/7 access to a physician or medical services brought to them
Family Profile

Frustrated by the hospital care experience, lack of information, and inconvenience, patients crave access to their medical care team, on-demand.

The Medically Home Membership Program

For patients with high likelihood of acute care needs, sets them up for hospital care at home in advance of a medical episode.

What patients, families, and primary care physicians
are saying!

“Every stage of this whole experience, everyone came and helped whenever I needed, for whatever I needed. I never felt alone in this.”

Actual patient 4

“The doctor and the team talked with me about my symptoms, and then there was a prescription at our door an hour later. It was incredible.”

Actual patient 3

“We liked everything about this program! We would recommend it to anyone who needed something like this. I tell people about it and they’re amazed! They don’t understand that this is possible in your home!”

Actual patient 2

“To have a doctor available to me at midnight – you just don’t get anything better than that! No matter the time, when I needed something my Care Team dropped everything and was there for me. They are fantastic people.”

Actual patient 1

“Sending a patient to the hospital can feel like a failure to a physician. It is wonderful knowing my patients can get the care that they need in the comfort of their homes.”

Primary care physician 2

“I loved working with the Medically Home Program. The admission was seamless, my patient got excellent care and I was kept in the loop.”

Primary care physician 1


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