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Healthcare Brought to Me – 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform

First-Ever, Non-Partisan, Politics-Free, American Universal Healthcare Platform Released to All Candidates, Political Parties and Congressional Delegations

It’s not Obamacare or Medicare For All. It is a new patient-centric model focused on delivering healthcare to patients in their own homes when they need it. This virtual hospital model significantly improves patient satisfaction, value, and outcomes, enables a sustainable healthcare system, and unlocks a large new U.S. export market.

BOSTON – August 28, 2019 – Healthcare industry authority, Richard Rakowski, co-founder and CEO of Medically Home a working patient-centric, virtual hospital model, today announced the release of the 2020 Healthcare ChassisPolitics-Free American Universal Healthcare Platform to all political parties, presidential candidates, congressional offices, as well as the office of the President of the United States. The plan is being released in response to a pervasive failure from politicians on both sides of the aisle, to put forth a plan that can fulfill the critical need for a sustainable U.S. healthcare system, that ensures patient choice and superior outcomes.

All of the current proposals on the table from the Presidential campaigns to address the unsustainable financial burden of our broken healthcare system are focused only on the way we pay for the current system, vs. fundamentally changing the way we deliver care.  Using technology and a new payment model, the 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform will shift the delivery of medical care from the current centralized (facility-based) model, to a more cost-effective decentralized platform, that delivers medical care to patients’ homes when they need and want it. This is a new chassis to deliver healthcare:

  • Implementing the 2020 Healthcare Chassis is a new patient-centric delivery and payment model that would result in an annual savings in healthcare costs of +$200 billion, which would stabilize healthcare costs as a percentage of GDP at 17%.
  • Create an exciting new global platform to export medical care for patients around the world, using American clinicians and technology.
  • With so much of the American economy tied up in local jobs and stock portfolios that depend on the current healthcare system, the 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform is designed to carefully transition from the current (highly siloed and unsustainable) care delivery system, to a sustainable one.

“The design of this platform reflects the input, inspiration and synthesis of an august group of healthcare professionals, leaders, clinicians and scholars. Unlike Obama Care and Medicare for All, being proposed by the campaigns,  the 2020 Healthcare Chassis was designed to achieve universal coverage without compromising patient choice and economic sustainability.

The platform was engineered as a response to an unshakable mandate of patient needs, common sense and economic reality by leveraging the proven power of America’s capacity to innovate, deploy compelling new technologies, and dream big.  It speaks to those of us who believe our health is a right, (not a privilege), and every citizen regardless of political (or apolitical) persuasion deserves nothing less.

Because of runaway healthcare costs and the mind-numbing complexity of how we deliver, manage and pay for care today, false choices are being posed between our physical health vs. our nation’s financial health and between the value of our health vs. the health of those less fortunate than us. These are dangerous questions that have now permeated our national dialogue. With this platform, we hope to place a stake in the heart of these questions and bury them under the weight of their own lack of insight,” said Rakowski.

The 2020 Healthcare Chassis reflects a single Organizing Principle used to compose a system of care that draws its power from creatively responding to the needs of patients. This patient-centric approach shifts medical care from a centralized model, where patients come to it, to one that is distributed, where it comes to patients in their own homes. The pace for the system’s deployment is highly sensitive to a need for intelligently transitioning from the current system to the new approach.

This Platform is a sound and sustainable alternative to Medicare for All and Obama Care, each of which have major issues with patient choice and use a reduced reimbursement approach to medical providers,  that has already proven to be an anathema to healthcare system sustainability.

The 2020 Healthcare Chassis is a prescription for creating a truly sustainable healthcare delivery system for American Citizens, that will be the envy of the world. Because of its globally competitive design, it will be delivered by the United States to the billions of patients around the world and just like us, need rational, high-value healthcare.

“Every presidential healthcare debate has been focused on the wrong thing – it’s how we deliver healthcare in the 21st century that matters, not how we pay for and ration a broken system,” said Richard Rakowski, CEO of Medically Home Group. “The embedded political interests in our $3.6 trillion healthcare economy are formidable, but it is time for us to demonstrate how we love our country and care for our people, by raising our patient voices to finally transform our healthcare system. Our health is as valuable as our freedom – it is a right, not a privilege,” said Rakowski.” In these divided times, there is one thing that unites us all, we are all patients.”

This patient-centric platform offers healthcare delivered to all citizens that:

  • Results in radically improved patient satisfaction, outcomes and
  • Expands and simplifies access to medical care.
  • Disrupts healthcare silos to create a holistic system.
  • Generates significant savings, that allows our country to divert precious capital for other strategic purposes.
  • Creates an opportunity to export U.S. healthcare internationally.

The dominant enemy of healthcare sustainability is not how much we pay our doctors; it is the over $800 billion that is spent annually on hospital fixed costs infrastructure. Healthcare as an industry continues to rely on an infrastructure that demands as much as 65% of revenues be devoted to fixed costs rather than patient care. Like the retail industry (Amazon) disrupted and transformed by decentralization,  and the transportation industry disrupted and transformed by technology (Uber), quality healthcare can be energized and sustainable by using technology to shift the delivery of medical care from a centralized, (hospital), to decentralized, (virtual hospital), approach. This decentralized model of care is  already in operation, and it is demonstrating that bringing care to patients creates the triple aim benefit we all seek – improved satisfaction, better outcomes and reduced costs.

The candidates’ positions on our healthcare system will not resolve the growing burden of co-pays and deductibles that are intruding the American middle-class quality of life. Their plans will not ensure a sustainable system of care. The ideas in their positions are tired, old and already proven to not create the future we want for our doctors and children. There is nothing in their plans that will unlock America’s potent technology and innovation engine. Finally, their ideas will continue to rob our economy of precious resources and push us even deeper into debt.

We are proposing that we all get behind one coherent plan, that is in the best interests of patients, physicians and our economy. The 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform is the one healthcare approach all politicians can embrace, as it puts patients first, not politics. Rakowski challenges each presidential candidate and President Trump to debate the merits of their current healthcare approach vs. the 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform.

Read the 2020 Healthcare Chassis Platform 2020, request an interview and view patient and family testimonials.

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This document represents the sole opinion of Richard Rakowski and the Medically Home Group. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Medically Home’s Partners and affiliates.

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