A podcast on the Hospital-at-Home, or Virtual Hospital Model, is always of interest at Medically Home. This podcast was produced by Tradeoffs and posted on May 28, 2020. Tradeoffs is a new podcast exploring the confusing, costly, and counter intuitive health care system. In this episode, Executive Producer & Co-Host Dan Gorenstein discusses Medically Home’s virtual hospital model and other hospital-at-home programs with Dr. Bruce Leff, a pioneer in the hospital-at-home movement, and Medically Home’s Co-Founder Raphael Rakowski among others. Experts think that the home is a safer, better, and cheaper place to treat patients for certain conditions that typically require hospitalization. Even still, hospital-at-home programs have been slow to grow in the U.S. with less than 1% of U.S. hospitals enacting hospital-at-home programs and even those are very small. With the pandemic putting new pressure on the capacity and finances of hospitals, this decades-old model is receiving a surge in new interest. Listen Now to a Podcast on the Hospital-at-Home.

To learn more about Medically Home’s virtual hospital model view these videos from team leaders, patients, families, and healthcare providers. For more information please contact Medically Home. For more stories like this podcast on the Hospital at Home or Virtual Hospital Model please subscribe here.


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