About Our Partners—VNA Care
The Medically Home Group is just that; a group of organizations that have found it more rewarding, efficient, and effective to share a common interest and pool resources. In this case, Medically Home shares its expertise and programs with other associations that have the same goal, and VNA Care is one of them.

A Century Of Compassion

The VNA group was first formed in Massachusetts over 100 years ago, in 1891. At that time, VNA was the Dedham Society For Emergency Nursing, a group dedicated to sending trained nurses to the areas where people were unable to go to a medical facility themselves. Eventually, they became so well known for their mobility that they changed their name to the Visiting Nurse Associates, or VNA.

The VNA spawned more associations throughout the region, with a Central Massachusetts VNA, Spencer VNA, Leominster, North Shore, and many other VNAs. They helped families to deal with cases of influenza, polio, and tuberculosis. Over the decades, the VNA became a staple of the New England area for providing vital, mobile medical assistance.

Branching Out

Today, VNA Care continues its mission to provide help, but it has specialized and refined its orientation. Now the VNA is helping to refine the virtual hospital concept. Rather than sticking to traditional house call situations, the virtual hospital expands the scope of allowing people to stay at home, rather than be treated in a hospital. VNA is taking an active role in improving the scope of virtual hospital treatment and qualification.

However, VNA extends this kind of homecare to a variety of different medical purposes. Things are very different for hospice and palliative care needs. When an illness is terminal, the focus is more on the comfort of the patient. This situation can be very difficult for both patient and family alike, but VNA care has the experience, compassion, and knowledge to help provide both the medical and emotional support required for patient-centric care.

A Proud Partner

The Medically Home Group is proud to work with established organizations like VNA Care, that have been giving comfort and support to Americans in the state of Massachusetts for over 100 years. This is a collaboration that is set to broaden with the spread of virtual hospital treatment, as well as the other home intensive medical considerations.

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