Frequently asked questions about Medically Home Group's patient-centric virtual hospital including eligibility, availability, and benefits.

How is this program possible?

It might surprise you that over 60% of the cost of a hospital stay goes to take care of the building and related fixed costs, rather than taking care of you. The Medically Home Program includes what the hospital provides, except for the actual building. So, we spend nothing on buildings and more on you.

For what conditions is the Medically Home Program available?
Heart failure
Respiratory infections and inflammations
Urinary tract infection
Pulmonary embolism
Deep vein thrombosis
Hip and knee replacement surgery – post surgical care
Ask your doctor if the Medically Home Program is right for your condition.
How does the Program provide hospital care at home, without the hospital?

The medication, monitoring and treatment that you would normally receive in a hospital is provided by setting up a temporary hospital in your home. This includes in-person visits with clinicians in your home, along with on-demand video communication with your doctor and safety monitoring. You and your family have access to your team anytime, day or night.

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Who is responsible for my care?

Your Medically Home Program doctor is responsible for your care. Your primary care doctor or surgeon is a key part of the team. It is the responsibility of your Medically Home doctor to monitor and talk with you while you are in the Program.

Can my primary care doctor or specialist be involved in care decisions?

As in a hospital, your primary care doctor or specialist can choose to be involved in your care from the first decision of your participation until you are discharged from the Program. Your doctors will be informed and involved with the decisions being made about your treatment.

Is this safe?

The Medically Home Program team has put in place a thorough clinical approach for your safety. Our model of care was tested in a clinical trial published by the American Journal of Managed Care in 2015.

The Program has many protections in place, including:

  • Your ability to reach your clinical team anytime, day or night
  • A bracelet you wear that when activated will dispatch 911 emergency services
  • Monitoring equipment that reports your vitals, including blood pressure and pulse
Is the program for everyone?

The Program is not for everyone, but if you qualify, your doctors believe it is a safe and effective alternative to being treated in the hospital.

Where is the Medically Home Program available?

The Medically Home Program is now available in certain areas of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Indiana. We are adding new cities over time. Check your eligibility and ask your doctor if the Medically Home Program is right for you.

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