Medically Home Group's value proposition is a virtual hospital in the patient’s home for select diagnoses that traditionally required hospitalization.

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Unique Patient-Centric Model Elements

Uniquely designed for high-acuity patients in a home setting

Design and significant investment in a scalable model that is enabled by technology and a senior business/clinical and technology leadership team

  • Acute/rapid response supply chain network
  • 24/7 medical command center centralized on-demand acute care management
  • Uniquely composed technology in the home to support the monitoring of and communication with high-acuity patients
  • An episode of medical care to ensure clinically stable patient endpoints at discharge with no transitions/hand-offs

Care Model

Key elements that enable advanced in-home medical care.

Virtual Hospital Structure

A Modern Patient-Centric Experience

Among the major components of our value proposition is that doctors of patients with selected medical and surgical diagnoses that traditionally required hospitalization now have the option to recommend the Medically Home Program.

Hospital-Level Care Comes to Patients

Hospitals now have the flexibility to quickly add capacity at a lower cost, safely, and in a patient-centric manner. By bringing clinicians, medication, equipment, and even meals to patients so they can recover from illness in their own comfortable and familiar surroundings.

24/7 Care

A physician-led/nurse-powered team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses, guide and oversee patients’ medical care from a Medical Command Center.

The medical team focuses on patients 24/7 for length of care, ensuring maximum access and no gaps in care or communication.

virtual hospital - 24-7 physician and nurse practitioner oversight

Fully Integrated

Medically Home is bringing together three formerly-siloed aspects of medical care:

  • Active treatment during an acute medical episode
  • Restorative care
  • Reduction of preventable future medical episodes

During the entire episode of care, patients are cared for by a single, cohesive multi-disciplinary care team.

Totally Connected

  • Patients can reach their medical team 24/7 with the push of a button
  • Families can view health status securely online
  • The Medically Home care platform tracks vital signs, medications, medical test, procedures and elements of a patient’s care and organizes it into intelligent, actionable, up-to-the-minute information that the whole team shares

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