The benefits of the virtual hospital model are shared between patient, family, payer, hospital, and healthcare worker.



  • Access to clinicians
  • Peace of mind
  • Information and connectivity
  • Convenience


  • Pressure on their time
  • Stress
benefits of a virtual hospital - means happy family
benefits of a virtual hospital means no hospital beds



  • Satisfaction and comfort
  • Engagement and outcomes
  • Dignity and sleep


  • Confusion
  • Readmissions
  • Alienation and disruption

Benefits to

  • Improved member satisfaction
  • Improved quality scores
  • Data to improve pricing and contracting with employers and providers
benefits of a virtual hospital - saves you money
benefits of a virtual hospital means no hospital stays

Benefits to
Full or Clogged Hospitals

  • Avoid capital expenditures to bed expansion
  • Opportunities to admit new patients that align with the hospital's strategy
  • Improved economics
  • Improved alignment with payers
  • Improved relevance
  • Superior posture to explore risk contracting

Benefits to
Health Workers

  • Improved joy of practice - increased satisfaction
  • True continuity of care
  • More time with patients
  • Satisfaction associated with innovation participation
benefits of a virtual hospital - medical professionals

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