The inaugural float entry from Medically Home for the ’22 Rose Parade depicts the heroic journey undertaken to deliver a new era of hospital-level care for millions of patients and their families. “Home Is Where My Hospital Is” represents the dragon of herculean obstacles that had to be overcome to safely hospitalize patients in their homes. The float symbolizes the spirit of perseverance of everyone involved to achieve this impossible dream– a global movement on behalf of patients.

There are five phases to building a float for the Rose Parade:

  1. FRAMING: Gorgeous, symmetrical pencil steel sculpture that supports the organic material
  2. MESHING: A film of mesh covers the pencil steel sculpture to enable the next phase
  3. FOAMING: The mesh is covered in foam to provide a surface for the organic material
  4. PAINTING: Each item on the float has been painted a color that corresponds to the flowers and other organic material that will cover the foam
  5. FLOWERING: The last stage is to cover the painted float with flowers and other organic material.

With just a couple of weeks left, we are now in the Flowering stage of the float’s construction.

On Parade Day, float riders will include people representative of the movement that is enabling health systems to safely and reliably provide hospital-level care to patients in their homes. Among them are three clinicians transforming patient care, Dr. Pippa Shulman, and nurses Grace Walker and Sarah Paez who will ride in honor of Medically Home’s first patient and the thousands of patients that can now safely receive hospital-level care in their homes. Medically Home’s partner and Stand Up To Cancer’s chief executive officer, Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, and Dave Latham, metastatic cancer survivor will also be riders on our 2022 Rose Parade float. Scientific American senior editor, Sunya Bhutta will also ride the float, honoring the decades of scientific research that enable new models of care delivery, like the Medically Home model.

The 2022 Rose Parade begins at 8 am Pacific Time on New Year’s Day and will be featured on live television and through multiple broadcast partners. Check your local listings and visit the official Rose Parade Broadcast Partners page. To follow the entire process and learn more about Medically Home’s Hospital-at-Home program, visit our Rose Parade page.

More rider announcements will follow as we approach Parade Day.

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