The original idea behind Medically Home’s virtual hospital was to treat the most common diagnosis that people are hospitalized for: heart failure, COPD, pneumonia, etc. That idea evolved into care for high acuity patients. We began by working with Stand Up to Cancer and academic medical centers to develop a way to take very sick patients, stage four cancer, who require a lot of hospitalization. Then we realized the model works for patients that have elective surgery because of the need for post surgical monitoring. Then we were approached by people who said why can’t we operate on patients who are in an out patient setting, an ambulatory surgery center, and then we can take the patient home and link them to the ambulatory surgery center and now we have a virtual hospital.

So it began with common diagnoses, moved onto patients with cancer in a clinical trial, includes other very sick patients, as well as post surgical patients recovering from elective surgery, and now we are also building out skilled nursing facility substitution.