The patient experience with Medically Home's virtual hospital model includes phases of care, technology at home, telemedical care, and services delivered to the home.

Phases of Care

virtual hospital - admission from hospital after discharge (1)


Step one of the three phases of care is admission after hospital discharge.

virtual hospital - restorative care at home

Restorative Care

Step two of the three phases of care is to begin restorative care at home.

virtual hospital - monitors the patient 24-7


The third phase is close coordination with the Primary Care Physician, PCP.


  • Full recovery from medical episode
  • Reduced admissions
  • New stable baseline

Technology at Home

virtual hospital - continuous patient vitals monitoring

Vitals monitoring

virtual hospital - two way audio video

Two way audio/video

virtual hospital - emergency response system

Emergency response system

virtual hospital - backup power system

Back up power system


  • Patient peace of mind
  • 24/7 access to physician led care team
  • Early warning system of decompensation

Telemedical Care

virtual hospital - video visits by physyican and nurse practitioners

Video visits by physician and nurse practitioners

virtual hospital - patients primary care physician conducts pop up visits

Patients' PCP conducts pop-up visit

virtual hospital - patient and family can contact the clinical team on demand

Patient/family contacts clinical team on demand

virtual hospital - frequent inbound and outbound contact with nurse practitioners and registered nurse care team

Frequent inbound and outbound touches with NPs/RNs care team


  • 24/7 care access creates higher levels of engagement
  • Provides patient/family peace of mind

Services Delivered to the Home

virtual hospital - nurse practitioner visits the home on admission and during rehabilitation (1)

Nurse Practitioner, NP, visits home on admission and during rehabilitation.

virtual hospital - infusion medication - nursing - physical therapy - occupational therapy - paramedics

Infusion medication, Nursing/PT/OT/Paramedics are dispatched as needed.

virtual hospital - stat lab - radiology

Stat lab and radiology services are delivered to the home as needed.

virtual hospital - DME - oxygen - home health aids - meals delivered

DME, oxygen, home health aids, and meals are delivered to the patient's home.


  • All clinical/non-clinical services, equipment, medical, and supplies brought to the home
  • Rapidly and reliably dispatched
  • Convenience, improved recovery at home

What patients, families, and primary care physicians are saying about the patient experience with Medically Home's virtual hospital:

“The doctor and the team talked with me about my symptoms, and then there was a prescription at our door an hour later. It was incredible.”

Actual patient 3

“We liked everything about this program! We would recommend it to anyone who needed something like this. I tell people about it and they’re amazed! They don’t understand that this is possible in your home!”

Actual patient 2

“To have a doctor available to me at midnight – you just don’t get anything better than that! No matter the time, when I needed something my Care Team dropped everything and was there for me. They are fantastic people.”

Actual patient 1

“Sending a patient to the hospital can feel like a failure to a physician. It is wonderful knowing my patients can get the care that they need in the comfort of their homes.”

Primary care physician 2

“I loved working with the Medically Home Program. The admission was seamless, my patient got excellent care and I was kept in the loop.”

Primary care physician 1

“Every stage of this whole experience, everyone came and helped whenever I needed, for whatever I needed. I never felt alone in this.”

Actual patient 4

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