How Does Medically Home Work?
Technology has changed practically every aspect of our lives, and this is especially true in the medical field. Today, technology has helped medical professionals extend lives, diagnosis illness faster, and deliver better levels of care to patients throughout the country. But there is another way that technology is having an impact – the rise of the use of a virtual hospital model that companies like Medically Home provide.

But just how does a Virtual Hospital work, and what is it that Medically Home does that deserves so much attention today? Virtual Hospital services have already increased in prevalence, and studies are showing that they offer real benefits including lower overall costs for patients and hospitals, increased satisfaction for patients, and the ability to heal patients while they are still in the comfort of their own home.

Here’s a rundown of the basic ways that a virtual hospital from Medically Home works.

• A medical command center is set up in the hospital itself and acts as the hub for the virtual hospital. This command center can be integrated into virtually any existing hospital easily.

• Technology is placed within the home – using apps for mobile devices or on internet connected computers or devices. This allows users to connect to the command center as needed.

• Using acute rapid response services, everything that patients need is brought directly to the patient’s home on demand. If the patient’s situation changes, adjustments are made.

• Nurses and physicians make regular visits to the patient’s home for continued monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

Using this model, the cost of providing care is lower for hospitals while the costs of receiving care is lower for patients. Additionally, the model means that there is no transition or hand off during care or at patient end points. Patients receive the highest quality medical care at a lower cost and are able to remain in the most comfortable and relaxed setting possible – their home.

Just as Air BNB and Uber changed the hotel and taxi industries, the virtual hospital is poised to change the medical world for good, and Medically Home is leading the charge into that future.