Medically Home's Hospital-at-Home Model

 Safely delivering high-acuity care into the patient's home

How a patient's home is transformed into Medically Home's hospital-at-home

Virtual Hospital

  • Set up Medically Home's hospital-at-home in the patient’s home
  • Provide tools and systems that actively engage the patient’s family to amplify patient engagement and outcomes

Medical Command Center

  • Configure a physician-led/nurse-powered Medical Command Center - enabled and made safer through the use of advanced software, tools, and capabilities
  • Deliver care over a period of time to better stabilize patients and allow them to maintain a stable baseline after the episode of care
  • Enable selected surgical procedures to be performed outside the hospital, by linking the ambulatory surgery center to the temporary hospital unit in the home

CESIA Continuum® Software

  • CESIA Continuum® is Medically Home’s enterprise platform for orchestrating high-acuity care in patients’ homes
  • Compose a clinical/operational/economic model that is designed to improve patient outcomes, while creating meaningful economic value

Supply Chain

  • Configure a unique network of clinical/non-clinical services, medications, equipment and supplies to patients’ homes, enabled by CESIA Continuum®