A mission to transform medical care into a modern, patient-centric, hospital-at-home experience

Medically Home Group is a technology-enabled services company that provides all the necessary tools to allow medical providers to safely shift advanced medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes. Through its commitment to creating superior experiences and outcomes for patients, their families, and other healthcare stakeholders, Medically Home is leading the charge for innovation in healthcare delivery.

Chief Operating Officer

Erin Bartley

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Healthcare career focused on enabling health systems to achieve and accelerate their clinical transformation goals. Expertise in leading cross-functional teams and scaling execution solutions.

Chief of Emergency Medicine

Evan Berg, MD

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Board certified Emergency Medicine physician and leader in managing complex clinical operations. Passionate about expanding access to acute care services for vulnerable, medically complex patients.

President, Oncology

Patricia MC Brown, Esq.

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Health care industry leader in population health and managed care, expert in leveraging market incentives to drive changes in health care delivery and financing, to achieve improved health

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Chief of Intellectual Property

Paula Calabrese

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Senior Executive with twenty years blended expertise in unlocking the economic value of ideas and knowledge assets resulting higher enterprise valuations across multiple industries.

Chief of Payer Relations

Phil Capp, MD

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Physician executive driving value based care innovation.

Chief of Paramedicine

Pete Carlson

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Positive, energized, and team-focused leader that is proud to be a part of Community Paramedicine and the mobile integrated health systems it is a part of.

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Chief Technology Officer

William Crawford

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I've spent the last fifteen years helping build SaaS and consumer product companies in healthcare, business software and consumer electronics.

Chief Financial Officer

David Henderson

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I have improved financial results, facilitated growth and created value for investors at startups, PE-backed firms and public companies as both a CFO and an operations executive.

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Chief Executive Officer

Rami Karjian

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I’ve found my professional home in Medically Home, and the exceptionally talented team that has united to bring it to life.

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Chief Legal Counsel

Bill Kramer

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I am an experienced Healthcare Attorney with a demonstrated history (25 years) of working in the health insurance/managed care industry.

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Lipman


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I have had the great fortune, beginning early in both childhood and in my career, of being put into complicated situations and figuring out how to survive

Chief of Marketing and Communications

Jaime Rupert

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All-in strategic communications executive with a proven track record of creating and implementing innovative media and marketing campaigns with fresh ideas

Vice President Supply Chain

Mark Scagliarini

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I am passionate about building clinically driven supply chain organizations that can support my clinical colleagues in providing high-quality patient care.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Pippa Shulman, DO, MPH

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Disrupting healthcare to prevent disruption in patients' lives.


Executive Chairman

Raphael Rakowski

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With an almost limitless appetite for learning about and decoding the world we live in, I have had the good fortune of navigating a highly-eclectic career

Vice President Technology and Customer Operations

Dave Raymond

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Experienced Executive Vice President of Technology and Customer Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare, IT, and IoT industries.