Chief Nursing Officer

Marcy Bergeron-Noa RN, MSN, ANP-BC

Experienced Healthcare Executive with demonstrated leadership expertise. 

Chief of Intellectual Property

Paula Calabrese

Senior Executive with twenty years blended expertise in unlocking the economic value of ideas and knowledge assets resulting higher enterprise valuations across multiple industries.

Chief Technology Officer

William Crawford

I've spent the last fifteen years helping build SaaS and consumer product companies in healthcare, business software and consumer electronics.

President & COO

Rami Karjian

I’ve found my professional home in Medically Home, and the exceptionally talented team that has united to bring it to life. 

Chief of Client Success

Patricia Kentgen

Innovative, driven, entrepreneurial healthcare services executive with 25 years of business development, account management, product development and operations management experience.

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Kessler

Passionate, experienced financial leader of large health systems, Joe joined Medically Home to help drive  disruption of acute care delivery    
Chief Legal Counsel

Bill Kramer

I am an experienced Healthcare Attorney with a demonstrated history (25 years) of working in the health insurance/managed care industry.

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Lipman

I have had the great fortune, beginning early in both childhood and in my career, of being put into complicated situations and having to figure out how to survive, prosper and create successful outcomes.

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Rakowski

With an almost limitless appetite for learning about and decoding the world we live in, I have had the good fortune of navigating a highly-eclectic career as an employee, executive leader and entrepreneur.

Chief of Strategic Communications

Jaime Rupert

All-in strategic communications executive with a proven track record of creating and implementing innovative media and marketing campaigns with fresh ideas for game-changing business results.

Chief Medical Officer

Eliza (Pippa) Shulman, DO, MPH

Board certified in Family Medicine -Board certified in Preventive Medicine -Board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialties: Family Medicine Hospice and Palliative Care Preventive Medicine Healthcare Innovation Quality Improvement Microsystems.