BOSTON – January 8, 2019 – Medically Home Group today showcases the world’s first virtual hospital on the floor of CES at booth 43934. The virtual hospital demonstrates the effective decentralization of hospital care, changing the focal point of care from the facility where services are traditionally housed and delivered, to the patient and family, wherever they call home. “Virtual Hospitals require unprecedented coordination,” said Richard Rakowski, co-founder and CEO of Medically Home. “The care team for a single patient can involve dozens of organizations, all of which need to integrate seamlessly, to ensure that the right services happen at the right time. Our platform manages that complexity, allowing our clinical staff to spend more time delivering care that’s tailored to each patient.”

Medically Home’s Cesia ContinuumTM is the platform or “effector arm” that brings together advancements in all sectors of healthcare in a sustainable, scalable model that disrupts and reimagines the economics of healthcare. The Medically Home platform benefits all stakeholders so that payers have lower costs, clinicians have more touch points with patients and patients have better outcomes. Medically Home brings together more than 100 partners spanning multiple states, multiple physician groups and multiple payers with medical, surgical and oncology diagnoses.

“Medically Home is at the forefront of a real change in how the healthcare system is organized,” said Rami Karjian, President and COO of Medically Home. “The Virtual Hospital model allows services that have always been hospital-based to move into the community. In a world where X-Ray machines fit into a suitcase, fixed costs don’t need to be at a fixed location – but we need new approaches to managing the complexity of healthcare service delivery. If you can see where your pizza is, you and your family should be able to see where your infusion nurse and medications are.”

Medically Home is building a unique data set that includes much more than traditional clinical observations. The company’s patient onboarding tools and in-home technology integrate real time monitoring, social determinants of health, and input from the patient’s family, all across multiple phases of care.

“We’re building a fully integrated delivery mechanism for complex care in the home,” said Will Crawford, CTO, Medically Home. “Nobody else is taking on the complexity of the supply chain, the clinical data management, and the actual coordination of care. Most technology companies looking at healthcare are focused on information products that only touch a small part of the health system and can’t drive fundamental changes. By enabling service delivery we can do a lot more.”

The Cesia ContinuumTM
The Cesia Continuum encompasses a complex integration of IP and technology enabling the Medically Home platform. “Our data and technological innovation are critical because safe decentralization of healthcare is not possible without it. But at the end of the day, our most significant commitment to innovation is focused on how to empower healers, patients and their families to better collaborate and connect with one another,” said Rakowski.

Digital Health Summit – Boldly Going Where No Tech’s Gone Before
The Digital Health Summit panel headlined, Boldly Going Where No Tech’s Gone Before, will kick off the summit and feature panelists Richard Rakowski, CEO of Medically Home Group; former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Bruce D. Greenstein, Bruce Leff, MD, Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Sung Poblete, President & CEO of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C). The panel will be moderated by Glenna Crooks, PhD, Co-Founder of CogentSage. The panel will focus on advancements that are “propelling the patient to the epicenter of healthcare and enabling an imminent total transformation of remote and home health care, fused with cutting-edge technology that is here, operational and scaling.” The panel will take place January 8th at 9am in the Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305. More information on the panel can be found here. For more information, please visit us at

About Medically Home Group
Medically Home Group is a technology-enabled services company that provides all the necessary tools to allow medical providers to safely-shift advanced medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes. Through their commitment to creating superior experiences and outcomes for patients, their families and other healthcare stakeholders, Medically Home Group is leading the charge for healthcare delivery innovation. For more information on Medically Home Group, please visit our website.

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