Medically Home Group Pioneering Patient-Centric Care
Medically Home is pioneering patient-centric care. By enabling and delivering in-home hospital-level care to high acuity patients using a medical command center, telehealth video and other advanced health care technologies, they provide more patient-centered and efficient care with meaningful cost savings. This group can deliver this in-home hospital, the “virtual hospital,” to you.
Medically Home has built a suite of technology, clinical processes, and products to support unique patient-specific episodes of medical care that replace inpatient hospital care. They operate virtual hospitals that are uniquely designed for high-acuity patients in their homes.

A 24/7 physician-led and nurse-powered Medical Command Center provides centralized, on-demand acute medical care management while a unique network of rapid-response clinical and non-clinical services, medications, equipment, and supplies are brought to patients’ homes. Advanced technology, set up in the patient’s home, supports the monitoring of, and communication with patients with high acuity illnesses. A ~30-day episode of medical care to enables clinically-stable patient endpoints at discharge, with no transitions or hand-offs during the episode of care.

They operate in three markets, most notably in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. The Medically Home virtual hospital is currently providing care for:
Heart failure
– Pneumonia
– Asthma
– Respiratory infections & inflammations
– Cellulitis
– Urinary tract infection
– Pulmonary embolism
– Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
– Gastroenteritis
– Hip & knee replacement surgery – post-surgical care.

Ask your doctor if the Medically Home Program is right for you. For more information read our FAQ’s page and contact us with your questions. They are pioneering patient-centric care with the virtual hospital.

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