Medically Home Group’s CEO Richard Rakowski shares his story. Richard called his mother Cesia’s doctor when she was terribly ill and his arrival at the home lit up his mother’s face. This event became an inspiration for Medically Home and the name for the technology platform that drives Medically Home’s virtual hospital, Cesia. In Richard’s word’s, ” . . bring it to patients’ homes, relieve their suffering. Just bring real care to them when they need it. Don’t put them in an ambulance, don’t put them in a car. Don’t make them uncomfortable, don’t make them feel like a victim, don’t put a bracelet around them, don’t turn them into an assembly line factory product. Bring care to them. Love them in their own home. Heal them in their own home. I saw that. It was an amazing experience. And unless you’ve seen that it looks like it’s business model, a clinical model, it’s a work flow, it’s an investment thesis. It’s none of those things. It’s all of those things. It’s the natural way. when someone is sick, vulnerable, afraid, a healer shows up to their door and says, ‘Here I am. I was born into this world to heal you. You were born into the world to need healing,’ and they meet. And that, that’s Medically Home.”

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