The future has finally arrived. Medically Home is operating the world’s first virtual hospital – providing safe,high-acuity hospital-level care in patients’ homes. There is comprehensive and compelling research that confirms that hospital care at home is an idea whose time has finally come.

The healthcare delivery system is due for some serious disruption and the cost of medical care has arrived at an unsustainable inflection point. At the heart of the Medically Home idea is what everyone wants – medical care brought to them, when and where they need it. For our healthcare system to achieve real greatness, it also needs to focus on and honor the healing calling of clinicians by creating a model that nourishes and rewards them. From the days of doctors making house calls, Medically Home is an old idea whose time has come again.

Everyone has a story about a family member or friend that has collided with the healthcare system. Inevitably, after a little conversation people understand the profoundly simple significance of the Medically Home virtual hospital model and bringing the hospital to the home. The number of covered conditions is constantly growing. View all current covered conditions here to see if you’re eligible and ask your doctor if Medically Home is right for you.

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