Meet the Medically Home Group team and see the transformation of healthcare at CES 2020 in Las Vegas the week of January 7th. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is the world’s largest consumer electronics show. Physicians especially are invited to meet Dr. Pippa Shulman, the CMO of Medically Home to talk about what it means to practice in a patient-centric virtual hospital. You can find us here at Sands, Halls A-D booth #45928.  2019 has been an exciting year and we can’t wait to meet you, share some of our successes, exciting partnerships, and all of the benefits of Medically Home’s working virtual hospital model. Whether you live in a tiny house or even a yurt, Medically Home brings the hospital to you. Learn more about the patient experience with Medically Home Group’s patient-centric virtual hospital when you visit this page. Medically Home at CES 2020. We bring the hospital to you.

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