The Patient-Centric Experience

What to expect from Medically Home's hospital-at-home

Phases of Care


Step one of the three phases of care is admission after hospital discharge.

Restorative Care

Step two of the three phases of care is to begin restorative care at home.


The third phase is close coordination
with the Primary Care Physician,

• Full recovery from medical episode • Reduced admissions • New stable baseline

Technology at Home

• Vitals monitoring • Two way audio/video • Emergency response system • Back up power system

• Patient peace of mind • 24/7 access to physician led care team • Early warning system of decompensation

Telemedical Care

• Video visits by physician and nurse practitioners • Patient's PCP conducts pop-up visit • Patient/family contacts clinical team on demand • Frequent inbound and outbound touches with NPs/RNs care team

• 24/7 care access creates higher levels of engagement • Provides patient/family peace of mind

Services Delivered to the Home

Nurse Practitioner, visits home on admission and during rehabilitation.

Infusion medication, Nursing PT/OT Paramedics are dispatched as needed.

Stat lab and radiology services are delivered to the home as needed.

DME, oxygen, home health aids, and meals are delivered to the patient’s home.

• All clinical/non-clinical services, equipment, medical, and supplies brought to the home • Rapidly and reliably dispatched • Convenience, improved recovery at home

What patients, families, and primary care physicians are saying
about the patient-centric experience enabled by Medically Home’s hospital-at-home

“We liked everything about this program! We would recommend it to anyone who needed something like this. I tell people about it and they’re amazed! They don’t understand that this is possible in your home!” - Actual Patient

The doctor and the team talked with me about my symptoms, and then there was a prescription at our door an hour later. It was incredible.”- Actual Patient

“To have a doctor available to me at midnight – you just don’t get anything better than that! No matter the time, when I needed something my Care Team dropped everything and was there for me. They are fantastic people.”- Actual Patient

“I loved working with the Medically Home Program. The admission was seamless, my patient got excellent care and I was kept in the loop.”- Primary Care Physician

“Every stage of this whole experience, everyone came and helped whenever I needed, for whatever I needed. I never felt alone in this.”- Actual Patient