The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) is an unparalleled annual gathering of the leading innovators, investors, payers, providers, and policymakers who are driving the digital health revolution. While COVID-19 forced us to postpone this year’s in-person event, we didn’t want the compelling stories that drive our community forward to stop. Until we can meet in person next year, we’re launching the DHIS Spotlight Series. Like the conference, this series will feature discussions (panels or 1-on-1 conversations) that explore relevant topics for digital health innovators and business leaders.

Doctors making house calls might seem like a relic of the past, but the act of caring for patients in their own home is experiencing a revival. Only this time, it’s highly dependent on technology. This panel discussion will offer insight from entrepreneurs who founded some of the most innovative tech startups that are bringing change and disruption to the home health field. Hear how they’ve approached this dynamic and fast-moving market, learn about the challenges they’ve faced and their strategies for overcoming them, and leave with an understanding for where they see the biggest opportunities ahead.

Moderator: Ellen Herlacher, MBA, Principal – LRVHealth

Stephanie Tilenius, Founder & CEO – Vida Health
Rami Karjian, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO – Medically Home
Christopher McCann, Co-Founder & CEO – Current Health
Vijay Kedar, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO – Tomorrow Health

February 17, 2021

Please send me registration for the Feb. 25th event. Thank you, Nancy

February 18, 2021

Registration for the event can be found by following this link:

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