Medically Home Announces Scientific American Senior Editor, Sunya Bhutta as Float Rider in the ’22 Rose Parade, Honoring the Decades of Scientific Research that Enables More Accessible Healthcare Deliver


BOSTON – Dec. 14, 2021 – Medically Home, a tech-enabled services company, today announced Scientific American senior editor, Sunya Bhutta, will participate as a float rider in the ’22 Rose Parade. Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States, founded 176 years ago, covering the most important scientific research and advancements shaping the world. It reaches more than 10 million global readers through print, digital and social channels.

Bhutta was invited to ride the float in the Rose Parade in recognition of the important role comprehensive and compelling science plays in helping people make decisions around healthcare, particularly as new models of care delivery, such as those from Medically Home, evolve.

“Scientific American is proud to participate in this event along with our long-term partners Medically Home and Stand Up To Cancer. I am thrilled to represent our work highlighting the power of science and research in driving health forward.”

For more information about Medically Home’s participation in the Rose Parade visit our Rose Parade page.

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