The Key Benefits Of The Medically Home Program
For years, the standard model of care for those who are suffering from acute medical conditions has been simple – short or long term stays in the hospital while receiving treatment for whatever conditions are present. But in recent years, treatment approaches have been changing dramatically. Today, virtual hospital care has begun to gain more traction as studies continue to show that it can provide lower costs to patients as well as more satisfaction for them and their families.

The Medically Home Program is one such virtual hospital care service, designed to help provide in-home hospital care to patients who would normally be in a hospital with acute conditions. With the Medically Home Program, nurses and physicians visit patients in their home and provide high quality medical care to them. The quality of care is exactly the same as what would be received in a hospital, only in the more comfortable setting of home.

There are numerous benefits that the Medically Home Program provides to patients and their family. The immediate benefits are apparent:

• Patients receive access to clinicians and peace of mind that they’re being cared for properly.

• Patients and their families receive information and a greater level of convenience.

• There is less stress and less pressure on the time of patients and their families who may be assisting with care.

• Patients have higher levels of satisfaction as well as increased comfort since they are being treated in their home.

• Patients retain their dignity and feel more like themselves throughout treatment, feeling less confined and more relaxed.

• There is less disruption to the lives of patients and their families.

However, these are just the main benefits that are enjoyed by patients and their families. Virtual hospital services like the Medically Home Program also provide benefits to health workers and our nation’s already congested, full hospitals. Some of these benefits include:

• Health workers are able to spend more time with their patients
• Medical professionals can provide continuity of care
• Hospitals avoid having to add expenditures for bed expansion
• Medical facilities have improved alignment with payers
• There are lower operating costs and improved economics
• Hospitals are in a situation with better posture for exploring risk contracting

In short, the Medically Home Program is able to deliver a much better, affordable, and effective treatment plan for those in an acute care situation. It is well worth looking into for hospitals, care providers, and patients.