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Digital health and the ability to treat patients in a “virtual hospital” in the patient’s home is a new model being pioneered by the Medically Home Group. This exciting new approach towards high-tech, patient-centric care is only possible through the use of new, advanced technology and software.

Virtual Hospital And Technology

While technology infrastructure like wireless data transmission is critical to the virtual hospital, that wireless ability is only useful if there is software able to collect patient data and quickly and safely transmit and receive it. This is where America’s prowess in the technology sector comes in. Today some of the best software developers in the world are working on new types of “healthware” to aid in this mission.


Macadamian is a company working in “cloud” computing and storage. Rather that store Information on a single device, where it may be isolated and vulnerable to damage, the “cloud” uses the “always on” network of computers store—and even compute—data.

Macadamian is now working on cloud-based solutions for virtual hospital/medical data, which must be coupled with proper encryption and privacy protocols. Because of the sensitive nature of medical data, HIPAA compliance is a ma-jor aspect of medical data usage to protect patient privacy.


Velvetech is an Ohio-based company looking at new advances in technology and then integrating them into the medical industry. Artificial intelligence, (AI), is one example of taking tedious tasks, that require significant amounts of time and energy, and handing these jobs off to computer programs to process, could ultimately save lives.

Another interesting application is the use of “blockchain,” a highly encrypted form of transaction recording and data-keeping used to protect, verify, and authenticate medical data and payments. The use of AI with block-chain could mean faster results for diagnoses, while simultaneously protecting that data from hacking or theft.

The BVG Software Group

BVG Software Group is a software development group taking a “head on” approach to digital health by creating medical software and apps designed to work with mobile devices. This is a cornerstone of virtual hospital treatments, as traditional, facility-based medical equipment is large, bulky, and unsuitable for bringing into homes.

With software developers like BVG Software Group, the same functionality is being made portable through the use of smaller, mobile computing devices. BVG also works to create specific medical instrumentation designed to get results on the field.

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