The value of Medically Home's hospital-at-home ecosystem


The explosive value of new insights (not data or information) that we are generating with our model can transform the following six vectors. In so doing, our insights (that begin with structured data and information that allows us to derive insights), drive change, the flow of capital, exchanges of value, and shifts in power.

  1. Patient expectations 
  2. The cost of episodic medical care 
  3. The cost of longitudinal medical care 
  4. The logistics of care delivery 
  5. Community-based healthcare service companies that up to now, have only delivered post-acute or preventative care 
  6. The healthcare workforce, in particular, will likely grow over the next decade caring for patients in decentralized sites of care

The implications of advanced medical care, that is delivered without the bricks and mortar overhead associated with hospitals. Specifically, (at a high level), our model’s arbitrage of fixed hospital costs enable the following:

  • More care over a longer period of time
  • The use of a patient-preferred site of medical care
  • Reduced costs to the macro health system
  • The ability to rapidly flex up capacity for patients with serious and complex conditions in the face of national emergencies – e.g. pandemics, natural disasters, etc.