The virtual hospital healing covenant explained by Medically Home Group’s CEO Richard Rakowski, “So there’s a woman I met, she’s a healthcare policy expert, her name is Glenna Crooks, this was her, this was her idea she taught me this many many years ago, it’s called the healing covenant. And I’ll paraphrase, so through her framework she said there’s always been a promise and I’ll metaphorically paraphrase. So God created lots and lots and lots of sick people, in fact millions of them, and there they are in the world, vulnerable, in pain, suffering, some of them dying. But he has a sense of humor so rather than just create sick people, for every hundred sick people he created a healer, someone who was born into the world who really could not feel full identification with themselves unless they were healing somebody. So you had sick people that needed healers and you had healers that needed sick people. So the healing covenant was a promise from God that the healer would always find and heal the ill. That was the promise. That was fine. That worked across all cultures across history forever until about 40 years ago. And I’m an industrial engineer and the thinking that factory engineers use for factories, which is fine for Diet Coke, you know Chevrolet Camaros, and you know pianos, that thinking process, industrialization, was used for patients in hospitals. All of a sudden there were work flows, there were processes of care, there were hand-offs, there were transitions, as if we’re dealing with a product. And all of a sudden, when no one was looking, the doctor and the nurse who took care of the patient from the beginning until the end, the end being they were healed, they were recovered, the satisfaction that the healer was promised by God, was stolen from them. They just worked on a piece of the care. And they don’t even know if the patient made it, if the patient went home. They don’t know anything about the patient. They went into healthcare, they were called to heal, and we robbed them the healing ‘thank you’. We stole that from them. So we want to bring the healing covenant back. Our team takes care of the patient from beginning all the way to recovery and the psychic, and the emotional, and the spiritual reward to the caregiver is priceless. And that’s a secret part of what we do. That’s the bonus that a clinician gets working for us is they get to see the patient fully recovered.”

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