Virtual Hospital – The patient is the center of Medically Home’s virtual hospital. Patient-centric care is fully realized when the hospital is brought into the patient’s home. This is the Medically Home virtual hospital model currently in practice in select markets including Greater Boston. Richard Rakowski, Rami Karjian, Eliza (Pippa) Shulman, and other Medically Home employees explain:

“Most of the costs for taking care of a patient in a hospital are overhead. What if we built a virtual hospital? What if we took away all of those fixed costs? What if just used the money to take care of patients?” “Medically Home matters for our patients.” “Not as much about the hospitals anymore. It’s really about the patients.” “How much longer could we take care of the patient? How many more people could take care of them?” “A patient-centric view requires healthcare to be delivered at home.” “We transform our patients homes into a temporary hospital.” “When you’re in the home you see the patient in a different light.” “Just because it’s in the home doesn’t mean it’s home health.” “We are fundamentally improving the connection between patients and their caregivers and patients and their nurses and physicians.” “Healthcare comes to you, at your convenience, when you need it with a speed, quality, and safety that our patients and their families deserve.” “It’s so much fun when a patient sort of smiles and realizes that they can get the things they need and they do not have to be in a hospital.” “And that is the true innovation in our program.” “Medically Home is amazing because we are made up of people who really, really care about patients and making sure that they are healthy. ” “World class engineers and world class clinicians, doctors and nurses, put them together, unconstrain them.” “Technology is a fundamental enabler and a differentiator.” “Using technology to help clinicians have a deeper, closer relationship.” “The technology is serving us rather than us serving the technology.” “By people, for people, with people. And that’s what we do.” “That is a turning of healthcare, a turning of medicine on its head and really putting the patient at the center of things in a way that I’ve never seen before.” “We can do things in the home that no one ever dreamed was possible and having the patient be the center and being the one that decides.” “A believer is someone that really understands as they spend time with us they really believe that it’s gonna take a group of people like us, with the experience that we’ve had, the mission that we have, the passion that we have to actually fundamentally change healthcare.”

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