We continually hear about virtual care. It’s having its day in the sun, and it’s here to stay. Yet, most of healthcare is still analog and will continue to be. This clear dichotomy between the virtual and analog worlds of health poses a challenge as a hybrid care approach becomes the new norm. How do the different players in the health ecosystem navigate a changing dynamic while providing intelligent virtual tools to patients around the world? Insurance companies are part of the answer and can play a key role in the democratization of information and the increasing consumer preference for digital access channels. Although they are not directly providing the care, payers have an immense influence over patients’ experiences as they navigate through their care journeys. Can insurers help tip the scales away from analog and into a truly digital future?


-How can incorporating virtual health solutions expand the brand and reach of insurance companies?

-Learn ways health systems and insurance companies have to work together differently in this hybrid world -What does the new role of the payer really look like post-pandemic?

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