Wellness Trends For 2019 - virtual hospital
Medical treatment has always continued to improve and expand. It’s the reason vaccinations now prevent the spread of illnesses that were highly infectious decades ago. Now, new technologies and treatments are making it possible for people to practice better wellness. Wellness is the idea of cultivating healthy living habits, to reduce the chances of illness and a stay in the hospital.

In some cases, new wellness techniques make it possible for people to enjoy a type of patient-centric care right at home, with their own virtual hospital. New wellness trends are developing this year making a big difference in keeping people healthier.

Better Data

One of the early barriers to an effective virtual hospital used to be professionals getting the medical data they needed to make the best decisions about treatment. In the past, this necessitated going to a medical facility for a scheduled appointment to get tested or evaluated with large, complex equipment.

Now, wearable technology makes it possible for important medical data to be gathered outside of a hospital. This type of data monitoring and recording can also benefit the user for wellness purposes. The general public can now get accurate, real-time information about heart rate, sleeping patterns, and other aspects of health. When personal data combines with a custom wellness program, it makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can reduce the chances of needing more serious medical treatment later.

Tele-Therapy Is Growing

Another trend in wellness gaining more traction is “teletherapy.” This is the proliferation of video chat/conferencing functionality, that is integrated into both wellness consultations as well as virtual hospital appointments.

If someone has a wellness question or concern, it’s not always necessary to take the time to schedule a visit, and physically travel to a facility. With teletherapy, people can now ask their easy questions in a face-to-face chat, complete with all the body language. This saves money and time for everyone.

More Voice Control

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is getting better and better at a critical use of technology; understanding speech. As AI gets more robust with speech recognition, we see more technology that can hear and understand, verbal commands.

This can affect everything from raising the temperature in a home when it’s cold to carrying out Internet searches. But a move to operating complex medical equipment is also in the works. By reducing the complexity of the operation, voice control makes it possible for more equipment, even medical ones, to work in a home.

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