Medically Home is pioneering one of the most exciting innovations in medical treatment today, the virtual hospital. Now for many patients who qualify for these procedures, treatment and recovery can occur in the comfort of their own home. That idea of bringing the care to the patient when and where they need it is known as paitient-centric care and it is a pillar of the Medically Home virtual hospital model. But while the virtual hospital concept is continuing to grow in the 21st century, it has roots in the in the 1990s and pioneering efforts of the creator of the concept, Dr. Bruce Leff. So who is he?

Respect For His Elders

Bruce Leff defines one of his most important influences as his grandparents. He had a very strong bond with his grandfather, and it is because of that relationship that he felt there was a duty, obligation, and even honor in caring for those that had come before him and had already experienced much of what life could offer and teach that to the next generation

As a result, Bruce Leff decided to become a doctor, and his hard work paid off. He decided he wanted to contribute as much as he could to the country that had given him freedom and opportunity, so he volunteered as a medical officer with the US Army, and was assigned as an internist in South Korea. There he spent a few years working hard, and even saving the lives of the military personnel stationed in this critical part of the world.

Paying It Forward

When Leff returned to the USA, he continued his medical practice and rose to prominence, becoming a valued professor at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. However, even as he became a more important fixture in mentoring the next generation of doctors, he never forgot about the generation that came before him.

As he continued to work with elderly patients and specialized in geriatric medicine, he came to understand the importance of both physical and emotional health that remaining at home could have for the elderly. And it was because of these benefits that he first pioneered the virtual hospital concept that companies like the Medically Home Group now share with other patients today.

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