When the topic of the virtual hospital comes up, one of the key names associated with it is Dr. Bruce Leff. The virtual hospital concept itself isn’t a radically new idea. For generations, people have been treated at home for various illnesses. But then doctors stopped making house-calls.

However, as medical treatments at home became less common, Dr. Leff questioned that wisdom. He revived the idea in a newer, more technologically focused way with the virtual hospital idea, and believes it is still valuable today. So who is he?

The Credentials

In addition to being a fully licensed medical doctor, Dr. Leff is also a professor at America’s prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He jointly holds an appointment with the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Department of Health Policy and Management.

He is also the director for the Center on Aging & Health Programs in Geriatric Health Services Research, and co-director for the Elder House Call Program in the Division of Geriatric Medicine.

A Focus On The Elderly – Virtual Hospital

Outside of his medical expertise, Dr. Leff served with the military in Korea. A key influence in his life is his grandfather. He spent much time with his grandfather and over time grew to deeply respect the contributions that the elderly have made to America.

Since then, much of his focus in medical treatment has been providing the elderly with the dignity, respect, and specific understanding that people in this demographic require. Because of the delicate nature, and often chronic conditions the elderly struggle with, he pushed forward a need for a virtual hospital. The unique issues of geriatric health led him to conclude it made sense to allow the elderly to receive treatment at home if the diagnosis of their condition qualified them.

Dr. Leff has refined and enlarged the virtual hospital concept, and the patient-centric care philosophy. His early pioneering efforts have yielded proof that bringing the hospital to the home when the patient needs it is not just more comfortable, but also makes medical and financial sense. Dr. Leff is an inspiration to Medically Home and they are poised to advance this approach to patient care for a generation of Americans in need.

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