Why Medically Home Makes Sense
Over the last decade or two, the medical field has evolved rapidly and in some surprising ways. While technology has driven much of this change in the area of direct care and diagnosis, it’s also important to remember that other aspects of the medical world are impacted as well. One such example is Medically Home and the virtual hospital service that is provided through them.

With Medically Home, hospitals are able to shift direct medical care from the hospital itself to patients’ homes, using a Virtual Hospital model. There are numerous benefits that are offered by this including the following:

• Clinical trials have confirmed the safety, effectiveness, and lower costs of virtual hospital services. Those cost savings apply to patients as well as to hospitals. And average about 30% in total savings versus the standard acute care practice in use today.

• The model of care can be scaled according to hospital size, needs, and capabilities.

• All the required IP and capabilities are provided, making it easier to transition into this level of care.

• Modern technology integrates into existing infrastructure to make it easy to begin delivering virtual hospital care to patients safely and effectively. All aspects of hospital care are interconnected within the system, from patient records to financial billing to data and analytics.

Essentially, Medically Home provides a virtual hospital unit right in the homes of patients. Using custom software and an acute rapid response network, it’s possible for patients to receive the highest level of care without having to stay in a hospital. Patients receive 24/7 access to their care team but have peace of mind and comfort since they are staying in their own homes.

Already, the largest taxi company – Uber – doesn’t own a single taxi. The largest hotel company – Air BNB – doesn’t own any hotels. And with virtual hospital services like Medically Home, the largest hospital of the future will not own any hospital beds.

The future is coming, and as technology improves and more medical organizations adopt virtual hospital services, the use of services like Medically Home will only continue to grow and evolve.